Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our social media! Our customers shop our Facebook page –, or our shopping group, Market 116 VIP Shopping Group. You can also claim items off our Instagram, @market116home


To Claim an Item: comment on the item with your email + ship or pickup. You can also message us with a description of the item you want!


Learn more about shopping with us over on our How To Shop page!

Yes! You can do layaways for any purchase over $100. We require 30% down and you have 60 days to pay it off in any increments you’d like.

YES! This is our fav. part of the day! Whether you are an online shopper that needs shipping, or you come in the store…we love to help design your space.


We have 2 ways to do this. If you’re in the store – we love to see pictures of the space you’re wanting help with. It’s helpful if we see the spot you want to be redesigned and the room/surroundings… measurements are helpful too, so jot those down before leaving the house if possible; otherwise, we can eyeball it for ya. We pull items from the store and help put something together with you…we are happy to show you more than one option! 

We have our “staging area” that we made specifically for helping customers with this!


The other way is to send us photos via Facebook. We will send you ideas back and converse about your wants and if you want to sub some items in the setups. Sending us photos works great! It gives us time to really look around and bounce ideas off the team on more design elements. Pending the pictures we get, we can also actually take your photo and put our design on it…so you can really see how it would look in your space!!


I would love for you to help me with a design, but I want to incorporate a vase that my Great Aunt Sally gave me. Can you help?


AGAIN, YES! We love helping you find ways to cherish and use your family heirlooms!!! Bring those pieces in! We can help you design around them. If you can’t come in, send us pictures on Facebook and we will mimic something similar in the store and send you pictures so you can visualize.

We sure do! The only thing we do not ship at this time is furniture.

There is an occasional item that we also prefer not to ship; if it’s something too fragile or intricate and we don’t think it’ll make.

For some orders, we know the box size and weight and we will invoice you for the product + the shipping all in one invoice.


However, many orders vary greatly on weight and size, especially with multiple items per box….in that case, we invoice you for your items, then we pack, bubble wrap, and weigh your box. Our system figures the cheapest rate your package can go via USPS or UPS. We will send the most inexpensive way unless requested by you. We will then invoice you for shipping…once it’s paid, we print the label and ship you your happy mail!

We do! Just shop our social media, call to pay or we can invoice you…then call when you arrive, and we can bring it out to your car!

Yes – we offer gift cards in any amount and they never expire! We can even mail one to a friend- or send one via email.

Absolutely! Send us your budget for the gift and a little about the person you are shopping for. We are happy to send you some options! We will even gift bag it for free! We can ship gifts directly to your family or friend, too!

Definitely shoot us a message! We do try to post daily on our inventory, but we can’t always post it all! We may have just what you are looking for!

Occasionally, yes. However, I am not able to on some items! In this day and time, backorders are frequent! So scoop those items when you see them!

If it was something we refinished, unfortunately, no. Most pieces are unique to us as we purchase to refinish and finding another would be very difficult. If it’s something I ordered in, we can possibly reorder.


We do make a list of names and numbers for people who are interested in certain furniture pieces should we get anything in/refinish similarly. 

The Boutique Marketplace is a small group of outstanding women who individually own the boutiques. We are lucky enough to have them provide a great clothing selection for us! Everything they have in stock is out on the floor. They all have shopping groups on Facebook that you should check out!


Due to the unique nature of having those businesses inside of our store, we cannot take returns on clothing…but we have two fitting rooms! And we are always happy to assist you with your clothing choices!

Actually yes! I have a unique situation, since I own the home store; I can keep my actual design and install rates relatively low. I charge a $99 consult fee that is due at the time of the appointment. With the consult, I take measurements needed, discuss your budget, and overall wants. I design a “mood board” for your space along with pictures of some products I suggest.


From there, I have 3 tiered packages based on the final amount spent on products from my store. Each tier does come with a discount, which generally offsets the install fee. I do outsource items that I don’t sell- like bedding, some upholstered furniture, etc.


Attached at the bottom of this page is my At Home Decor breakdown. Please email or message for more info!

We sure do! See our Custom Refinishing & Paint page for more info.

Yep! It is Farmhouse Paint, furniture & cabinet paint. See the Paint page for more info!

How to Paint Classes for furniture, door hanger painting, charcuterie, macrame, wreath making, cookie & cupcake decorating, pie making, seasonal paint classes, mommy & me classes, cocktail + paint parties, oils classes, etc. 


We are always looking for outside teachers to come in and teach other types of classes for our customers!

We do book hosted parties! 

We’ve done all sorts of parties and private workshops. We usually chat with you about what kind of party you’re wanting and who the guests will be, then custom design a party plan with you. Some of our most popular parties are kid’s craft parties! We host the party with you and provide a craft for the kiddos to do. You get to bring in cake/ice cream, drinks, and gifts!


Some popular parties for kids are dinosaur and race car painting, ornament painting near the holidays, mini candy or hot cocoa charcuterie, birdhouse painting, paint your own pot & flower planting. Some private workshops we can put together for girl’s nights, bachelorette parties, or birthdays… macrame, charcuterie, cookie decorating, cooking classes, door hanger painting, and wreath making!


Parties will vary per activity and headcount. Shoot us an email or message on Facebook for more info.

We can, but flexibility is a must. We have to plan ahead with staffing if you have someone to help unload or if I need to send two people if there are lots of stairs, weather for delivery, and how large the items are. 

We do charge a fee to cover our costs of delivery.

Yes! How fun! We can invoice you for the gift, gift bag it with tissue paper, and hand-deliver it to your recipient!!!


We don’t charge an extra fee for delivery to businesses or schools within city limits…we can deliver to residential addresses too, but we only deliver in pairs for a small fee; given we have enough staff to do so.


We do have a $20 minimum for deliveries.


…PS…we love putting together gift baskets!!!