Paint & Custom Refinishing

Market 116 does take furniture for custom refinishing! An appointment is necessary to drop a piece off. We do have a short contract & contact info page that needs to be filled out prior to drop off. Many times we do have a waiting list on refinishing customer pieces.

We use the Farmhouse Paint line which is a furniture & cabinet paint. We do sell the paint in-store - and we stock every color! So, if you’re up for painting your own piece, stop in and grab some paint, a brush, and some tips from someone on our Market team!

A few tidbits about our paint:

-Farmhouse Paint does not require priming or sanding your piece down to raw wood. It is necessary to clean your piece to be sure the substrate is free of dirt, grime or wax.
-It works on almost any surface- including wood (raw or painted), glass, metal, leather, masonry & concrete, ceramic, laminate & Formica, fabric, hardware, etc.
-Farmhouse Paint is often used on cabinets and vanities due to its ease and durability! -Though a topcoat is not needed, when doing cabinets and tabletops, we do recommend top coating with a clear coat, for extra protection on such high traffic areas.
-In the store, we seal (clear coat or wax) all table tops, chair seats, and shelves.
-Farmhouse Paints are great for beginners and seasoned painters! It is so user-friendly, environmentally friendly, has low VOC, and has water clean-up!
-Farmhouse Paint covers approximately 100 to 150 square feet per coat, per quart. Coats of paint needed really depend on what color you’re painting your piece and what color or material your piece is already.
-Made in the USA!