How to shop!

We’d love to invite you in to shop in-store with us! However, we do understand if you’re a little too far away! We ship! We want to do more than JUST SHIP to you. Every time you message us, it’s one of our team members replying. We are more than happy to help put together a gift, help you design a space, give our opinion or tips on reworking an area like open shelving, your mantle, or even your front porch!

Jump on our social media…that’s where our customer's shop. Our product turns over too quickly for an e-commerce site…we’ve tried that twice! Plus, you don’t get custom design help via a click-and-purchase website.

Click here for our Social Media:

….also, our Facebook page is public, so you don’t even need to have an account to view it! We have lots of customers who browse it and then call us to purchase!

See something you love?!

1. Just comment on that photo with your email or PM us for an invoice. We send invoices via PayPal, but you do not have to have a PayPal account to check out. You can also call the store to pay for your order at 417-345-1145.
2. Let us know if you want to pick it up or will need shipping.
3. Invoices are due within 24 hours. A lot of times, we pack & ship daily…so if you pay right away, your package is likely to go out that day or the next morning!


You can “start a box” any time! Planning on browsing our photos for a bit online and claiming likely more than one item? No problem. We do this for shipping and pickup customers. Just start claiming and we will invoice as you claim. Invoices are due within 24 hours. A lot of our pickup customers that live out of town, will start a box and claim things over a couple of weeks; they just pay the invoices as they go…then when they’re ready to make the trip (or have it shipped), we have a box of goodies for you to pick up! And you can make the trip whenever is convent for you!

We can mail or email gift cards for you in any amount - and they never expire!

Shipping Info:

The only thing we do not ship at this time is furniture. There is an occasional item that we also prefer not to ship; if it's something too fragile or intricate and we don’t think it’ll make.

For some orders, we know the box size and weight and we will invoice you for the product + the shipping all in one invoice. However, many orders vary greatly on weight and size, especially with multiple items per box….in that case, we invoice you for your items, then we pack, bubble wrap, pack, and weigh your box. Our system figures the cheapest rate your package can go via USPS or UPS. We will send the most inexpensive way unless requested by you. We will then invoice you for shipping…once it's paid, we print the label and ship you your happy mail!