We sold the wedding venue!

The James

Formally Market 116 Wedding Venue

We sold the wedding venue!

The James Industrial Wedding Venue
Contact Information: Tara Rigger

The wedding venue now has new owners!
Formally part of our sister company, Market 116 Home Store;
the venue has a new name with this change of ownership!

The James Industrial Wedding Venue;
In honor of the new owners sweet grandpa.

We are leaving this venue in great hands. The new owners, Tara & Allen are quite experienced in the wedding industry….many of you already know them, since they purchased our 1st venue, Timber Line Barn, a couple years ago.
We can’t wait to see where they will bring this venue!

If you’re booked already, you’ve likely seen this already in our brides group. Nothing changes for you!

We’d like to thank our venue manager, and one of my best friends, Kacie for all the hard work she put into the venue over the last year. She stepped in when we needed her, with so much grace. In addition to being a great manager, she is always the first on my list when I need a listening ear and no matter what she has going on in life; she always asks how she can help. We are blessed to have her in our lives!